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The 15th specialized exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the title “Project Iran” in Turkmenistan, November 2023

The 15th specialized exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the title “Iran Project” in Turkmenistan

پانزدهمین نمایشگاه تخصصی جمهوری اسلامی ایران تحت عنوان «ایران پروژه» در ترکمنستان

The 15th specialized exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Turkmenistan

From 26 to 28 November 2023

It was held in Ashgabat with the presence of 94 Iranian companies and more than 300 Iranian businessmen and economic activists.

“Iran Project” exhibition is a major national initiative to introduce the goods, products and technical and engineering services of Iranian companies, specializing in the fields of equipment and derivatives of oil and gas, petrochemicals, water and electricity and energy, construction industry, construction materials and technical and engineering services. In foreign markets, especially in the CIS region, and for the development of market making, marketing, selling goods and pursuing the export quota of the Iranian market in the region for the presence of more exporters and the volume of non-oil exports of the country.

This exhibition was held in the four axes of oil and gas and petrochemicals, industry and equipment and construction materials, water and electricity and energy, and the export of technical and engineering services and road construction.

On the sidelines of this exhibition, the President of Turkmenistan, by sending a message to the participants of the specialized exhibition “Iran Project” and “Turkmenistan-Iran Business Complex”, emphasized the development of bilateral trade volume, the creation of new forms of interaction and the implementation of joint projects in promising fields.

By sending a message to the participants of the “Iran Project” specialized exhibition, Sardar Berdimohamedov pointed out the perspectives that open up in partnership with Iran. He listed the construction and economic projects of Turkmenistan among the projects and plans that will be presented in the specialized Iran project exhibition and evaluated their role in strengthening the relations between the two important countries.

The President of Turkmenistan, Sardar Bardimohamedov, emphasized in this message: holding the joint commission for economic cooperation between Turkmenistan and Iran in Ashgabat will play an important role in increasing future cooperation.

He stated: There is no doubt that the future negotiations and agreements will be a prerequisite for strengthening and expanding the cooperation between the businessmen of the two neighboring countries in new fields, as well as the subsequent implementation of projects of interest to both sides.

The 15th “Iran Project” specialized exhibition was opened on Friday, November 26 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

Also, the 17th meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation was held in Ashgabat under the chairmanship of Mehrdad Bazarpash, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, and Rashid Mardov, Deputy Head of the Cabinet of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, with the presence of representatives of the executive bodies of our country.

In addition to holding this commission, a joint business conference of businessmen and private sectors of the two countries was also held.

Bazarpash also appeared in Turkmenistan

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development, at the head of a delegation, arrived in Turkmenistan by plane in order to participate in the meeting of the joint commission of the two countries and to open the specialized exhibition of Iran Project.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development in an interview with reporters at the airport, while explaining the details of holding the 17th Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan, announced the holding of the “Iran Project” exhibition with the presence of 300 economic activists in this country.

بذر پاش

Bazerpash said: Electricity exchange between Iran and Turkmenistan is another issue, which was well negotiated during the visit of our country’s president to Turkmenistan, and we hope to finalize the issue of electricity exchange in the form of a cooperation document in this joint commission.

بذر پاش

Regarding one of the achievements of the specialized Iran project exhibition, Bazarpash said: the construction of a road worth 400 million dollars from the border of Iran on the way to Turkmenbashi port will be signed with one of the Iranian companies present at the exhibition.

Eshghabad project Iran specialized exhibition and conference

In October 2023, a meeting was initiated by the officials of the Trade Development Organization in order to explain and introduce the specialized Iran project exhibition by inviting export companies and institutions with technical and engineering services, electricity, water and energy, oil and gas, petrochemicals and construction in Milad hall. Tehran International Exhibitions Company was held. In this meeting, the officials of the exhibition, while explaining the mentioned exhibition, announced the conditions of participation in it for the companies, and the questions of the attendees were answered.

نمایشگاه و همایش تخصصی ایران پروژه عشق اباد

With the planned implementation, one month before the exhibition of the products of the companies to be displayed in the Iran exhibition, the project was collected in Turkmenistan. According to the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the Chamber of Commerce of this country, all Iranian companies were invited.

In this regard, the organizing company started to inform, attract and register applicants by using all its facilities, and in this context, the esteemed Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ashgabat, with its unhesitating and exemplary actions and harmony, is of great help. for the introduction of the exhibition and the attraction of participants, which deserves appreciation and thanks to each and every official of the embassy, especially the honorable ambassador at the time, Mr. Arbab Khalis, as well as the honorable ambassador, Mr. Rozbahani, and Mr. Sadeghi, the honorable deputy of the embassy, as well as the economic advisor of the embassy, and always with the support of Dear friends, the exhibition was held at a very high level. All the booths were specially designed and built in the form of MDF structures and were installed and ready to be delivered within 2 days.

Therefore, according to the registration of 2000 square meters, part of which is about 1000 square meters, Pars Pegah Tejarat company built special booths with wood and MDF and transported them to Ashgabat city with 7 containers.

The management of the company together with the technical team left for Turkmenistan 10 days before the opening with the aim of planning for the preparation and reservation of a hotel in Ashgabat city. Also, due to the time constraints, with the active management, the special booths were built with the Iranian technical team in less than 48 hours completed.


At the beginning of the ceremony, according to the custom and tradition of Turkmenistan, local music and dance groups performed Turkmen songs and Pai Kobi. In the following, the message of the President of Turkmenistan was heard by the special representative.

در شروع مراسم طبق روال و سنت ترکمنستان گروه های موسیقی و رقص محلی به اجرای اهنگ های ترکمنی و پای کوبی پرداختند

North Khorasan represented the provinces bordering Turkmenistan at the 17th joint economic meeting of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkmenistan and has put forward 20 proposals of the three provinces for understanding and agreement.

Director General of Investment of North Khorasan Governorate, who was present in Turkmenistan since November 23, for coordination and preparation of understandings and possible contracts with Turkmenistan.

He mentioned the activity of 7 committees to advance the negotiations and said: The responsibility of the provincial committee is with the governorate of North Khorasan representing three provinces bordering Turkmenistan.

Also, this exhibition was held together with the visit of diplomatic officials of the two countries

Visiting exhibitions

Reflecting on the holding of the 15th Iran project specialized conference and exhibition in the media

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