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We benefit from a strong team in holding exhibitions and conferences.

Pars Pegah Tejarat company, with the approach of leapfrogging exports, intends to take action on the export marketing of goods and services in international markets with the experience of more than 30 years of activity in international markets and the experiences gained in cooperation with companies, manufacturers and exporters. The first goal is to create an interactive and evolved environment in cross-border trade, cooperation and pioneering in the development of exports by using existing capacities and benefiting from well-known experts and providing export statistics of the country and region and evaluating exports in order to develop exports by monitoring trade practices. and create employment, earn currency and improve the production cycle and improve the quality and quantity of goods.

More than 30 years of experience

Sending business delegations in the presence of the presidents of Iran and sending trading delegations, and attending the meetings of the joint commissions between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the countries of the region (since 2004), most of them in Turkmenistan (from years 2011 to 2018), Kazakhstan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, Russia and other countries in the region are among the records and experiences of this company.

Exhibitions held
Conferences held

Our Team

Hasan Mortaji

About Us

Pars Pegah Tejarat International Trading Company started its economic activity in the form of holding numerous international exhibitions and conferences with a focus on CIS and Eurasian countries, especially Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, etc. in 1990 and so far more than It has held 300 exclusive, specialized and international exhibitions and business and investment collaborations with the presence of officials and senior officials of these countries.

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