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Key role in the development of non-oil exports

Key role in the development of non-oil exports

In today’s world, international exhibitions and events are known as export platforms and efficient tools for introducing products, services and brands to export to global markets. Iran, as a country with great export potential, is increasingly using this important exhibition tool to develop its foreign trade.

As a specialized organization, pars Pagh business plays a key role in improving the quality and prosperity of these events. By bringing together activists in this field, the association provides a suitable platform for exchanging experiences, providing specialized training and laying the groundwork for joint cooperation.

The importance of activities can be examined in several axes:

Improving the quality of exhibitions and export events: by drafting the necessary standards and guidelines, monitoring the performance of organizers and providing expert advice, it helps to improve the quality of these events. This ultimately leads to an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of exhibitions and, as a result, an increase in export opportunities for Iranian companies.
Creating new opportunities to participate in target markets: by identifying export target markets and holding specialized events in these markets, it helps Iranian companies to communicate directly with foreign buyers and investors. This leads to the creation of new opportunities for the export of Iranian products and services.
Strengthening the Iranian brand in global markets: the colorful presence of Iranian companies in international exhibitions and events helps to promote the Iranian brand and promote its position in global markets.  ) By supporting the active participation of Iranian companies in these events, it helps strengthen the Iranian brand in the international arena.
Development of trade relations with other countries: holding exhibitions and joint events with other countries provides a platform for the exchange of goods and services, as well as the development of trade and cultural relations between the two countries.  ) By supporting the holding of these events, it helps develop Iran’s trade relations with other countries.

In addition to these, he also works in other fields, including the following::

Providing educational and research services: IRAFO helps to improve the knowledge and skills of activists in this field by holding specialized training courses and workshops. The association also conducts related research to identify the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.
Protecting the rights and interests of organizers: IRAFO helps maintain and strengthen the industry by pursuing the demands and rights of organizers.
Engaging with other stakeholders: IRAFO helps to coordinate and coordinate more in organizing exhibitions and export events by engaging with other stakeholders in this field, such as the trade development organization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and chambers of Commerce.

Overall, it can be said that pars Pagh trade plays a key role in the development of the country’s non-oil exports. The activities of the association help to improve the quality and prosperity of holding exhibitions and export events, create new opportunities to participate in target markets, strengthen the Iranian brand in global markets and develop trade relations with other countries.




With the support and support of the government and the private sector, it can help achieve the country’s export goals and boost Iran’s foreign trade as much as possible as a specialized and efficient institution

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