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The importance of exports from Iran to Turkmenistan: a big step towards economic development

The importance of exports from Iran to Turkmenistan: a big step towards economic development

Importance of exports from Iran to Turkmenistan: a big step towards economic development /article

Turkmenistan, Iran’s northern neighbor, has always been one of Iran’s important trading partners with common land and water borders.cultural, historical and linguistic commonalities have provided suitable conditions for the expansion of economic relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, exports from Iran to Turkmenistan play a key role in the economic development and prosperity of Iranian businesses.

Benefits of exporting to Turkmenistan:

Potential market: Turkmenistan with a population of about 6 million is a potential market for Iranian goods.
Neighbourhood: the geographical proximity of the two countries significantly reduces transportation and export costs.
Cultural sharing: the taste and culture of similar consumption of the two countries increases the desire of the Turkmen people to Iranian goods.
Turkmenistan’s needs: Turkmenistan, as a developing country, needs to import various goods including food, building materials, household appliances and so on … It is.
Government support: the governments of Iran and Turkmenistan have always emphasized the development of economic relations between the two countries and have presented various agreements and facilities in this regard.

Export opportunities:

Food: Iran is engaged in the production of agricultural products and dairy products, including dairy products, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables … It has high potential.  These products can take a significant share of the Turkmenistan market due to their quality and reasonable price.
Building materials: due to the construction boom in Turkmenistan, the demand for building materials including cement, steel, tiles and ceramics has increased in the country. Iran, with its mines and industries active in this field, can be considered as the main supplier of construction materials to Turkmenistan.
Household appliances: Iranian household appliances are very popular in the Turkmenistan market due to their quality and reasonable price.
Technical and engineering services: Iran in the field of providing technical and engineering services including construction, dam construction, road construction and … Has a high degree of expertise and experience.
Handicrafts: fine Iranian handicrafts including carpets, pencils, Khatam and … They can find a special place in the Turkmenistan market as valuable gifts.

The role of pars paghan trade in the development of exports to Turkmenistan:

With a brilliant track record in holding international exhibitions, pars paghan trading company is ready to be a bridge between Iranian exporters and the Turkmenistan market. The company offers a variety of services including:

Holding specialized exhibitions: pars paghan trade provides a good opportunity to introduce Iranian goods and services to Turkmen merchants and traders by holding specialized exhibitions in various fields.
Holding seminars and business meetings: the company provides information and experience exchange between economic activists of the two countries by holding seminars and business meetings.
Export consulting services: pars paghan trade by providing export consulting services, to Iranian exporters in the field of finding the right market, carrying out Customs and transportation related matters and … It helps.

Using the services of pars pehgah trade, Iranian exporters can more effectively participate in the Turkmenistan market and benefit from the country’s export opportunities.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the development of exports to Turkmenistan is not only in the interest of Iranian exporters, but also contributes to the economic prosperity of the country, creating employment and increasing foreign exchange earnings.

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