Important announcement about the Ashgabat 2022 Turkmenistan Exhibition

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Greetings Dear friends and masters, respected and hard-working producers and exporters and those interested in exporting goods, products and services to regional markets, especially neighboring countries and especially with the common land border, now after the meetings of the Presidents of Iran and Turkmenistan in Ashgabat, In a new and different beginning in order to improve the level of economic, trade and trade cooperation between the two countries, with the imminent presence of the President of Turkmenistan in Tehran, a new atmosphere of exchanges and exchanges will begin.

Please take advantage of this great economic opportunity to participate in Turkmenistan projects and export Iranian products by making the right and quick decision to participate in the exhibition and trade and industrial conference of the Caspian littoral states in Ashgabat. .

If you wish, please announce the space required to attend the exhibition by sending the participation contract form, so that the necessary and desired arrangements can be made.